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America is our Republic, the greatest democracy in the world, if we can keep it. Currently it is under strain from civil strife and uncertainty.

This wiki is dedicated to watching past, present, and future Trump. Link to articles on other wikis & sites where they exist, this can serve as a hub pointing to them all.

For policy developments and activity, see the Resistance Manual. For brief news as opposed to collected intel, see the Trump Report.

Trump Watch

Current activity, network, promises & threats.


Raw statements

Speeches, Interviews, Tweets, Policy papers

Parsed statements

Promises, Threats, Insults, Falsehoods


Political teams
2016 campaign, cabinet.
2016 Campaign Team , White House Transition Team, Cabinet appointments
Trump, Inc. teams
Business staff, Business partners, Legal teams

Trump Businesses

Brand services
Trump University, Trump and Dump
Brand goods
Food and drink, Jewelry (Ivanka)
various Trump Towers

Conflicts of Interest

Family debt, Bankruptcies
Trump Foundation, Family appointments
Selling influence
Buying influence
Implied bribery + threats

Threats of Violence

Many groups have been threatened by Trump's platforms, staff, and partners

White supremacists & Nazis
Threats to immigrants, Mexicans, African Americans, Muslims, Jews
Threats to academics, news media, free speech, public gatherings, scientists
Threats to bomb countries, imprison enemies, abandon NATO and other alliances


For details, see the Resistance Manual.

Overall policy agenda:

Obamacare / ACA Policing
Immigration Voting Rights
Mass Incarceration Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
Housing and Infrastructure Women's & Reproductive Rights
LGBTQ Equality Educational Justice
Muslim Ban / Registry Consumer & Worker's Rights
Climate / Environment Disability Rights
Foreign Policy & Security


NAFTA, European agreements, TPP
Macro policies
Fiscal policy, Circulation levels
Micro and sectoral policies

Voting Restrictions

Increasing limitations on voting
Support for state restrictions
Further reversal of Voting Rights Act & its extensions
Suppressing opposition votes
Investigations of "illegal" votes
Funding propaganda about vote fraud



Traditional political organizations and PACs

RNC, DNC, Green party, Libertarian party


Antifa coalitions, opposing weakening of democratic ideals
Liberal (DCAT), Conservative (NeverTrump, Mil), Non-partisan (Indivisible)
Preparing for abuse of power
Guides for: individuals, reporters, politicians, businesses

Traditional campaigns: MoveOn, Rootstrikers,

Support: Tech Resistance / Solidarity

Trump Past

Trump family, holdings
Influences & obligations
Debt; [Dis]loyalty; Historical conflicts of Interest.

Trump Futures

Trump is unpredictable, and investing in privatization and war: appointing military to civilian cabinet posts, dramatically changing alliances & saber rattling, appointing con-men to financial posts. Potential scenarios:

Financial schemes

Selling off public goods

Privatizing public enterprise

Devaluing the dollar, running up debt

Shakedowns w/ both military and financial bullying

Abolishing tax obligations for supporters

Colonialism schemes

Ponzi schemes

Global destabilization

Weaker NATO and other alliances; restoring world of individual nations competing; provoking Mexico, China; preempting Iran, NKorea
Rejecting the UN and international coalitions
Changing policies; erratic personal demands; unreliability
Using saber rattling and other insulting tactics for trade or personal advantage, at odds with own teams

Domestic destabilization

Social impact
Societal Consequences of Trumpism (RM)
Civil and regional war
Civil war; widespread riots; conflict with Mexico
Religious war, crusade
Discrediting & defunding public data, public media & news, public education. Funding alt versions: padded data, controlled media, private education.
Financial collapse; divide and conquer by class & race; destruction of free press, academia, independent corporate class
Pitting government bodies and departments against one another: replacing and subverting where possible, bringing in outsiders elsewhere. IC, security, finance, law.
Permanent state of emergency; rise of new security service loyal only to president; imprisonment of opponents; subverting rule of law